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A year of crazy faith would sum up the journey Pastor Terrance and Johanne Wilson went through in 2019 to launch COOL Church. Currently located in Miramar, growing from 1 to now 2 services held at the Miramar Cultural Center, COOL Church has done the unthinkable and truly lives up to their signature hashtag #MiraclesinMiramar. When asked where this hashtag derived from and its significance, Pastor Terrance also known as Pastor T says “We are praying for miracles we can see and we believe that our presence alone will help people actually see God’s Power [in Miramar]”.

Yet many have already seen God’s power working in Miramar and all over the world through the mission of COOL Church to build strong families in order to build strong futures. That has been the core vision throughout 2019 and going into 2020. During both services, hundreds of families and individuals come together to worship and many accept the call of salvation at the altar every Sunday and throughout the week.

Beginning at New Renaissance Middle School, Pastor Johanne recalls how there were so many unknowns throughout their journey when they realized that this was what God called them to do, as a family. “You start to realize that it’s not about your ability but your willingness to say yes. To God, that’s all he needs since he’s the one with power and all of the gifts”, she humbly states as she takes a retrospective look back at how far they have come since their very first service. The COOL Church team comprised of close friends and family of the duo pastors came to the middle school that Friday night prior to service to setup and prepare for what they hoped would be a smooth and effortless service. However, that was not what God had in store for them. As the morning began that Sunday of January 27th, 2019, the team quickly realized that they were having sound issues and nothing seemed to be working properly.

Pastor T began to go quiet and pray. He knew that God was in this and instructed the team to shift their perspective because God had already given them everything they needed. They got through the first service simply by using their voices; no fancy lighting and the microphones going in and out in front of a packed auditorium. Yet anyone in the room can testify that God’s presence was truly felt and many people got saved that day. This was just a taste of what was to come. A few months later, the 2 pastors sought out to use the Cultural Center for their services, a space that is now being rented out by COOL Church every Sunday. The process did not come without plenty of ‘No’s’ and setbacks but after anointing the space with oil and believing God, COOL Church was able to have their first Easter Sunday service at the Cultural Center with more people in attendance than they ever expected. City officials were also there and witnessed first hand what God wanted to do for the city of Miramar through COOL Church. “Once you set in your heart to do something and you believe it, you have to trust [God]”, recalls Pastor T as he speaks on how they transitioned from the middle school to the center full time, all in under a year.

But there’s so much more to come as Pastor T not only believes in building a strong spiritual foundation but also wants to work toward having a physical foundation for COOL Church. And they are not just thinking about a building. They want land and a place they can call home. “Churches are supposed to be the epicenter of communities and we want to expand the mission outside of Miramar.” This space would revolve around the church but become a multipurpose unit that would include a coworking space for people to come, meet and fellowship. With more grace, more faith, more miracles and believing and trusting in God, there is much more in store for COOL Church in 2020 so stay tuned!