Build Strong Families to Build Strong Futures.



Jesus: is our message

The purpose of Cool Church is to share the hope of Jesus. Jesus is our message.
We are Jesus people, not religious people. Methods will come and go, yet our
message will remain the same.

People: are our heart

Our heart is for ALL people. All people are loved by Jesus. We make no apologies
for being specifically focused on reaching those far away from God. We desire to
bring the broken home at all costs. We believe that our light is best seen in the

Generosity: is a blessing

Generosity is about giving more than what is required. We see generosity as a
privilege. We’re generous with our time, talents and treasure. We go first in our
giving because we are grateful people. God has given richly towards us, it’s our honor to give back to Him.

Excellence: is our spirit

We are going to always do the best with what we have. We’re on time, engaged
and prepared. We don’t do things half-way. If we’re going to do it, it’s to the best
of our ability.

Servant Leadership: is our identity

If you’re too big to serve, then you’re too small to lead. Every leader is a servant
first. From the parking lot to the pulpit, everyone serves. “If you ain’t helping, you
ain’t helping,” Pastor Terrance.

Honor: is our calling

We are vocal with our honor. We submit to leadership and are thankful for spiritual
authority. We choose joyfully to submit to those God has placed over us. We honor
and care for those God has placed under us.

Passion: is our pursuit

Everything we do, we do it with passion. From our worship to our service, we do it
with Holy Ghost energy. Passion drives us. Passion for Jesus. Passion for people.
Passion for His church.

Cool Church

Statement of Faith

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    We believe the BIBLE, as originally given, to be without error, the fully inspired and infallible WORD OF GOD and the supreme and final authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

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    The Trinity

    We believe that the Godhead exists co-equally and co-eternally in three persons—FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT—and that these three are one GOD, sovereign in creation, providence, and redemption.

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    The Savior

    We believe in the true and proper deity of our LORD JESUS CHRIST, in His virgin birth, in His real and complete humanity, in His sinless life, in His authoritative teaching, in His substitutionary and atoning sacrifice through His shed blood, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, in His heavenly intercession and His second advent to receive His church.

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    The Holy Spirit

    We believe in the deity of the HOLY SPIRIT who proceeds from the FATHER and the SON and the necessity of His work in conviction of sin, repentance, regeneration, and sanctification, and that the believer is also promised a gift of power as the gift of Christ through the BAPTISM in the HOLY SPIRIT with signs following. Through this gift the believer is empowered for fuller participation in the ministry of the Church, its worship, evangelism and service.

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    We believe in the universal sinfulness of all humans since the fall, rendering humanity subject to God’s wrath and condemnation.

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    We believe in the necessity for salvation, of repentance towards God, and faith in the LORD JESUS CHRIST by which the sinner is pardoned and accepted as righteous in God’s sight. This justification is imputed by the grace of God because of the atoning work of Christ, is received by faith alone and is evidenced by the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT and a HOLY LIFE.

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    The Church

    We believe in the spiritual unity and the priesthood of all believers in Christ and that these comprise the universal Church, the BODY OF CHRIST.

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    The Ministry

    We believe in the ministries that Christ has set in HIS CHURCH, namely APOSTLES, PROPHETS, EVANGELISTS, PASTORS, and TEACHERS, and in the present operation of the manifold GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT according to the NEW TESTAMENT.

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    Divine Healing

    We believe in the laying on of hands and the anointing with oil for the sick in Jesus’ name for healing from sickness and disease.

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    We believe in tithing the first tenth of our income back to the Lord.

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    The Ordinances

    We believe in the baptism of believers in water in obedience to the command of Christ and the commemoration of Christ’s death by the observance of the Lord’s Supper until He returns.

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    The Commission

    We believe that the GOSPEL OF CHRIST embraces the needs of the whole man and that the church is therefore commissioned to preach the gospel to the world and to fulfill a ministry of healing and deliverance to the spiritual and physical needs of humankind.

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    The Rapture of the Church

    We believe that Jesus Christ will return in the clouds to rapture His Bride, THE CHURCH, and that following this there will be a great “Marriage Supper of the Lamb” in Heaven for seven years, and that subsequent to this event great tribulation will occur on the earth.

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    The Coming King

    We believe that following this seven year period of Tribulation, Christ will return physically and visibly to vanquish His foes and to rule and reign in power and glory.

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    The Future State

    We believe in the resurrection of the dead and in the final judgment of the world, the eternal conscious bliss of the righteous and the eternal conscious punishment of the wicked.